July 2013

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marblesDist-modFunctors and monads are powerful design patterns used in Haskell. They give us two cool tricks for analyzing data.  First, we can “preprocess” data after we’ve already trained a model.  The model will be automatically updated to reflect the changes.  Second, this whole process happens asymptotically faster than the standard method of preprocessing.  In some cases, you can do it in constant time no matter how many data points you have!

This post focuses on how to use functors and monads in practice with the HLearn library.  We won’t talk about their category theoretic foundations; instead, we’ll go through ten concrete examples involving the categorical distribution. This distribution is somewhat awkwardly named for our purposes because it has nothing to do with category theory—it is the most general distribution over non-numeric (i.e. categorical) data. It’s simplicity should make the examples a little easier to follow.  Some more complicated models (e.g. the kernel density estimator and Bayesian classifier) also have functor and monad instances, but we’ll save those for another post.
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For $5 at Lowes, I built an “external wort chiller.”  I’ve never seen any other homebrewers with this setup, so I figured I’d post my results on the internet.  With only the standard wort chiller it takes about 30 minutes to cool our wort from boiling to yeast pitching temperature (85F for us).  With the external chiller, it took just under 20 minutes.  This may seem like a long time to you, but we live in the middle of a desert.  Ambient temperature is often over 100F on a summer brew day.

Here’s a picture of our full chiller assembly.  The internal chiller is on the right, and the external chiller is on the left.

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