August 2013

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Below is the text of a document I prepared when filing for conscientious objector status to leave the navy.

I joined the Navy because I wanted to serve my country. My religious beliefs no longer allow me to kill, but I still want to serve. Service, in fact, is an integral part of my beliefs. My country has given me a lot. I value the ideas of freedom and democracy. I want to give everything I have to my country and the ideals for which it stands. Ideally, I would serve in a capacity that maximizes the peace and welfare of the United States, but minimizes my contribution to war. I believe these goals are not mutually exclusive. This document explores how well my service options meet these goals, both inside and outside the military. This will explain my decision not to apply for noncombatant (1-A-0) status. Read the rest of this entry »

I am a Christian pacifist, but I still have a lot of respect for certain people in the military.  This post is about how I resolve this apparent conflict using a tool called the “pacifism parallelogram.”   I’ll explain exactly how it works.

Here’s a picture:


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