Laughing in Church

The church needs to laugh more.  It’s good for the soul, especially when you laugh at yourself.  This post collects stand-up sketches that “bash” the church, but are still very funny.

They’re funny because they’re true.  The comics don’t just go on tirades.  Instead, they put themselves in the position of a devout believer, and point out the little absurdities that result.

We could dwell on these absurdities.  We could offer solutions, or point out why they’re really not absurd.  But that would be missing the point.  Failure will always be with us.  We aren’t perfect.  Let’s just relax and laugh.  Let’s laugh at ourselves.

I have no idea what these comics believe, but the church could definitely use more of them.


  1. harus’s avatar

    Very entertaining indeed! Also contratulations on your attiture towards religion. It’s, after all, for the people.



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