Hand me my Nobel Prize already, for I have invented beer ice cream.

So last weekend I was making an awesome double IPA.  My roommate’s dad owns a hops farm.  He had just sent us 2 lbs of cascade.  So I figured, I wonder how that much hops would taste in a 5 gallon batch?

Now, I live in the desert, and it’s still pretty hot here in November.  Like over 90 degrees hot.  So naturally I was eating ice cream while brewing.  And then it struck me: What if I poured some of the unfermented wort into the ice cream?!

When the boil was done, I put the hops bag inside a bowl and squeezed to get out as much juicy goodness as possible.  Then I poured it into a tub of ice cream:

After a bunch of stirring, the final product looked something like:

In total, I added about a cup of the unfermented wort into 1 quart of ice cream.  I was a little worried that maybe I had added too much.  Maybe the wort would simply turn into ice and ruin the ice cream.

But lo!

One day later, I come back from a hard day of work, ready for dessert, and am greeted by the perfect combo:

Pie à la beer mode FTW!

  1. Cervezo’s avatar

    Beer ice cream is very popular in Mexico as well as tequila ice cream and other liquors. In England rum ice cream is quite popular.



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